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Nintendo will be ending their online services for the Wii and DS for ALL games May 20th, 2014. Enjoy the service while it lasts! :”(

I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.
Kurt Cobain
All-Nighters: Nocturnal Sleep

I’ve been staying up until the sun is high in the sky since December 27th and onward. It started when a friend of mine got Skype calls working. I’ve never heard his voice before, and we’ve been good friends for around 4 years. We just stayed up playing games online and calling for a few days, and then I was stuck in this sleep pattern. It’s been a nocturnal sleep schedule basically. In ways, I loved it. In other ways, I didn’t like it. Being up the entire night is very peaceful. Not a sound except my cat who I’m cuddling with in my bed. Complete privacy too, incase I were to look up anything “sketchy” to my parents and no chance of them barging in.

Now for why I didn’t like it. Well, it just feels weird. Humans are diurnal creatures that are supposed to sleep at night. I don’t like not being able to see the sun when I wake up. There’s also not much activity going on when getting up so late in the night, so it’s more of a way of getting time alone rather than with friends or online friends.

I had a snow day today: the day Holiday Break was supposed to end in my area. A heavy snow storm came and blanketed my area with heavy snow. So heavy that my brother couldn’t go to work if he were to drive there from where he lived. He came over to his former living space (his parents’ house, aka where I live), and slept in his former bed right after I got up at 9 PM to eat dinner with his cat that stays here (he can’t bring his cat to his house due to his roommate having problems with cats). This forced me to go to bed early. Everything that occupies me is in my room, but he took it, so yeah, I just went to sleep. It was like old times again almost; him being in that room and me being somewhere else to sleep. I got up at 6:42 AM after he went to work and just started going on the computer like I usually do when I wake up on a non-school day.

It feels good to have a normal sleep routine now, but part of me is missing the nocturnal sleep schedule (even though it’s going to mess me up for school). It was so peaceful, and it was a time where I got really close to my older brother’s cat. I loved his affection and I loved sleeping by him.

I may try this again in the summer or during spring break as a way to wake up when it’s not hot out. That way I can cool off a bit maybe. I don’t know, being up at night was fun. xD

Anything fear-based is a lie. Anything love-based is the truth.
Jessica Madison

I love music like this. Metal, rock, christian rock, punk, and alternative are my fucking jams.

List of my Favorite Bands:

  • Linkin Park
  • Skillet
  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Nine Lashes
  • Bullet For My Valentine

Dinosaurs. Jurrassic Park yo.